Exploring NHD Metadata:  Part 1

Observe NHD database level metadata


Step 1 Open ArcCatalog


In this tutorial, we will be working with the Kanawha Subregion, HUC 0505.  


Copy the Kanawha 0505 Subregion onto your local hard drive.


Open ArcCatalog.


Navigate to the 0505 Subregion in the Catalog Tree.



Expand the File Geodatabase and select the Hydrography Feature dataset.



In Catalog, click on the Description Tab.

The description tab contains the following items:




ArcGIS version 10.0 eliminated the functionality to view and edit metadata in ArcCatalog. In order to view the FGDC metadata you need to install the FGDC Metadata add-in. Go here to find the Metadata Editor, see installation instructions, and additional information.  


Once you have added the FGDC Metadata Add-In to the metadata toolbar in ArcCatalog, click the FGDC button.


This will bring up the NHD FGDC compliant metadata.


Click through the different tabs to see the various NHD metadata.