Exploring NHD Metadata


This tutorial was created using ArcGIS version 10.0. Some variations may exist due to versioning differences.



Partners regularly update the NHD in order to improve the quality, resolution, and accuracy of the data. Since the data undergoes regular changes, users rely on metadata to accurately describe the history of a feature. The USGS also maintains metadata at a database level. Both the feature level metadata and the database metadata is included in the data download.


What is Metadata?



Explore and understand both NHD Database level and Feature level metadata using ArcCatalog and ArcGIS tools.



• Use ArcCatalog to observe NHD database level metadata.

• Use ArcGIS to understand NHD feature level metadata.

• Relate metadata records to features.

• Relate features to metadata.


Exploring NHD Metadata: Part 1