SwampMarsh Template



The limit of SWAMP/MARSH is the extent of the wet, spongy area.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If SWAMP/MARSH is ≥ 0.1" along the shortest axis,then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




Break SWAMP/MARSH for RAILWAYS and for Class 1 and Class 2 ROADS.


Break SWAMP/MARSH for clearings that are ≥ 0.05" along the shortest axis, or for

linear clearings that are ≥ 0.025" along the shortest axis.


Do not capture mangrove areas as SWAMP/MARSH, see TREES (Vegetative

Surface Cover theme).


SWAMP/MARSH may be coincident with AREA OF COMPLEX CHANNELS, ESTUARY, LAKE/POND, SEA/OCEAN, STREAM/RIVER.  An alternate approach is to use hydrographic category to describe the water regime of the SWAMP/MARSH.




Capture as SWAMP/MARSH any areas filled with the marsh and swamp symbol.


Revision - General


Revision - Standard


Revision - Limited


Do not revise. Retain existing features.


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