Well Template



The limit of WELL is the extent of the hole in the ground.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If WELL is a water well and is landmark,


If WELL is a water well, and is in an arid area, and is ≥ 0.25" from a building,


If WELL is a water well, and is in an arid agricultural area, and is used for irrigation,


If WELL is a heat well,


If WELL is a producing water well, and is within an area of closely spaced wells, and is

necessary to accurately represent the pattern of wells (see Source Interpretation

Guidelines to determine how to accurately represent the pattern), then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




If WELL is within an area of closely spaced wells,

Then first capture named WELLS, then those that are on the perimeter of the

area, then those that are most prominent, then finally capture a representative

pattern of WELLS internal to the area. Capture as many as can be shown in

correct position. The symbols must not overlap.


If WELL is associated with WINDMILL,

Then do not capture WELL. See WINDMILL.


Irrigation wells are often enclosed in a structure and are usually found in wide

areas along or at the end of field roads. They may be evidenced by a wide wet

collection area leading into a linear channel.


If WELL produces a product other than water or heat,

Then collect in the theme Built-up.


Do not capture dry wells.




Water tunnels in Hawaii, shown with the adit symbol, are captured as WELL.


Revision - General


Revision - Standard


Revision – Limited


Do not revise. Retain existing features.


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