SpringSeep Template



The limit of SPRING/SEEP is the extent of the place where water issues from the ground.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If SPRING/SEEP is in an arid region,


If SPRING/SEEP is not in an arid region and is large or well known,


If SPRING/SEEP is within an area of closely spaced springs and is necessary to

accurately represent the pattern of springs (see Source Interpretation Guidelines to

determine how to accurately represent the pattern),

Then capture.


Attribute Information


Source Interpretation Guidelines




If SPRING/SEEP is in an area of closely spaced springs,

Then first capture named SPRING/SEEPS, then those that are on the

perimeter of the area, then those that are most prominent, then finally

capture a representative pattern of SPRING/SEEPS internal to the area.

Capture as many as can be shown in correct position. The symbols must not



See Appendix 2A for location of arid regions.





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