Sounding Datum Line Template


Positional Accuracy - The accuracy within which a feature can be confidently positioned

Approximate - conditions permit the feature to be confidently positioned between 0.02" and 0.1", at

      map scale, of its true ground position.

Definite - Conditions permit the feature to be confidently positioned. Horizontal data are confidently

     positioned within 0.02", at map scale, of the true ground position. Vertical data are

                 confidently positioned within one-half contour interval of the true ground position.



The limit of SOUNDING DATUM LINE is the line of mean lower low water.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


For a topographic/bathymetric edition only, if SOUNDING DATUM LINE is on the

final compilation provided to USGS by NOS, then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




If SOUNDING DATUM LINE is not symbolized on the source (as when the

position of the line is indicated by the edge of the FORESHORE tint on

graphic source, rather than by a unique line symbol), Then Positional

Accuracy = Approximate.




Revision – General


Revision – Standard


Revision – Limited


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