Reef Template



The limit of REEF is the edge of the rock or coral.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


For a topographic/bathymetric edition only, if REEF is on the final compilation

provided to USGS by NOS,


If REEF is on an existing NOS chart, then capture.


Attribute Information


Source Interpretation Guidelines




Numerous closely spaced ROCKS that form a chain along the coastline or

close to the shore are collected as REEF. (Quantified rules are TBD)


Areas within or next to REEF may be land areas, areas that uncover, or

water areas. If the Area uncovers, see FORESHORE. If the area is water,






Capture all.


The area next to REEF that uncovers is shown with the brown sand pattern

on topographic-bathymetric editions and with the black sand pattern on

topographic editions. For collection of these areas see FORESHORE.


REEF is collected along a line that connects the high points of the closed,

outer portion of the reef symbol.


Revision - General


Revision - Standard


Revision - Limited


Do not revise. Retain existing features.


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