Inundation Area Template


Elevation - Inundation Area must have an elevation.

                     Stage:(Found with the Fcode)

                     Flood Elevation - The stage that prevails when a natural water body is at or near capacity



In flat coastal areas where the shoreline varies with the tide and meteorological conditions,

the limit of INUNDATION AREA is the approximate mean low or mean lower low water line,

and the approximate limit of flooding.


The limit of INUNDATION AREA controlled by DAM/WEIR is the average water line and

the line corresponding to the highest controlling structure.


For all other controlled INUNDATION AREAS, the limit is the average water line and the

crest of LEVEE or, if there is no LEVEE, the limit of flooding.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If INUNDATION AREA is controlled and is ≥ 0.06" along the shortest axis,

or If INUNDATION AREA is uncontrolled, and is ≥ 0.06" along the shortest axis, and is along EA/OCEAN or ESTUARY, then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




All features inside INUNDATION AREA will be captured as they normally

would, if they meet capture conditions.




Revision - General


Revision - Standard


Revision - Limited


Do not collect new features. Modify existing features to accommodate a

change in shoreline.


The limits for INUNDATION AREA and the values for the Attributes of

Elevation and name may have to be obtained from the operating agency or

other ancillary sources.


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