Hazard Zone Template



The limit of HAZARD ZONE is the extent of the area that is dangerous to navigation. This

extent is provided to the USGS by NOS.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If HAZARD ZONE contains rocks, shoals (bars), or wreckage; and HAZARD ZONE

is on an existing NOS chart, or for a topographic/bathymetric edition only, if

HAZARD ZONE is on the final compilation provided to USGS by NOS, then



Source Interpretation Guidelines






Capture HAZARD ZONE as the area enclosed by the dotted line symbol.


Any symbols within the dotted line are captured independently under the

appropriate feature. (e.g. ROCK, REEF, WELL etc.)


There will be features on topographic edition maps produced prior to 2/1/61, which

do not meet capture conditions. These will not be captured. (Anchorages, barges,

buoys, dolphins, duck blinds, dumping grounds, fish stakes, fish traps, foul areas,

harbor limits, lightships, limiting danger lines, measured courses, pilings, project

depths of channels, restricted areas, sailing lines, sewage outlets, snags, sunken

rocks, sunken wrecks, tide rips, breakers, types of offshore bottom).


Revision – General


Revision – Standard


Revision – Limited


Do not revise. Retain existing features.


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