Foreshore Template



The limit of FORESHORE is the approximate line of mean high water and the approximate line of mean lower low water.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


For a topographic/bathymetric edition only, if FORESHORE is on the final

compilation provided to USGS by NOS, or If FORESHORE is ≥ 0.1" along the

longest axis and ≥ 0.04" along the shortest axis, then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




FORESHORE is the area affected by the tides.  It is the area between mean high water and mean lower low water as shown on NOAA Charts.   Because most NHD coastal features are captured at mean high water, FORESHORE will overlap the coastal features.


If FORESHORE is captured, then also capture ESTUARY, LAKE/POND,



FORESHORE does not have to be attached to the shore.




All black sand stipple (USGS 17) should be captured as FORESHORE if it

meets the capture conditions. (This does not include oil sumps that are

shown with the same pattern.)


Revision – General


Revision - Standard


Revision - Limited


Do not collect new features. Modify existing features to accommodate a

change in shoreline.


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