Area to be Submerged Template



The limit of AREA TO BE SUBMERGED is the line corresponding to the average water

elevation of the intended lake.


Data Extraction

Capture Conditions


If AREA TO BE SUBMERGED is ≥ 0.5" along the shortest axis and the perimeter coincides DAM/WEIR that meets capture conditions, then capture.


Source Interpretation Guidelines




All features inside of AREA TO BE SUBMERGED will be captured as they

normally would, if they meet capture conditions.




Capture all.


DAM/WEIR under construction on an existing graphic may be completed by the time it is captured digitally. Regardless, remain true to the date of the graphic and capture DAM/WEIR with Operational Status = Under Construction and the intended lake as AREA TO BE SUBMERGED.


Revision – General


Revision – Standard


Revision – Limited


The limits for AREA TO BE SUBMERGED and the values for the Attributes of Elevation and Name may have to be obtained from the operating agency or other ancillary sources.


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